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Get work Hűségkártya, kedvezményekkel

Loyalty card

In February 2020, we introduced the Get Work LOYALTY CARD, a unique benefit scheme that gives our Employees the opportunity to make discounted purchases at their contracted Partners.

Purchasing with the card is an opportunity to reduce expenses in a reasonable way, which can actually increase the amount of savings (up to HUF 5,000-10,000 savings per month, which can reach up to HUF 100,0000 per year).


Using the card:

Simply present the card at the time of purchase and the discount will be deducted from the total amount.


Where can I use the card and how much discount can I get?

The GW card can be used to make purchases in several locations around the country. The discount may vary depending on the point of redemption (for each Partner).


A list of current - and expanding - discount providers and their discounts is available here:


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