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Modern recruitment solutions in the changing business environment.

Our business solutions for employers

We aim to provide all our services to the same quality standards, with a dedicated Client Contact. Our recruitment services are designed to ensure that every company, regardless of size, can find the right service for its current needs.

The changing business environment requires new solutions, so in addition to the classic recruitment and placement services, we have launched our advertising and pre-screening services.

As the only agency in the domestic agency market, we cover all your recruitment needs with complete one-stop service and dedicated Account Managers.

Why choose Get Work Trend?

Comprehensive - 360 degrees service portfolio

15< years of experience

National coverage

Secure financial background

Expert team

Dedicated account managers

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Our services


Recruitment & staffing
360° full recruitment and HR services

I. Recruitment & staffing
360° full recruitment and HR services


II. HR services



The main advantage of our outsourced payroll service is that instead of employing a team of payroll staff, you can be guaranteed compliance with the current labour and social security legislation with one contact person, reducing your costs and giving you peace of mind.


  • Full payroll services

  • Labour and social security administration

  • Employee on-boarding and off-boarding

  • Tax liability registration

  • Labour records management

  • Liaison with official bodies

  • Social security paying agent duties

  • Preparing monthly transfer lists

  • Preparing reports and statistics tailored to the needs of our clients

Employment law advice

Creating and maintaining the legal operating conditions for companies and businesses in an ever-changing environment is a priority.

Based on our knowledge of labour law, social security and tax legislation and regulations, we help our partners to apply them in practice in their everyday life.

Main areas of expertise;

  • Labour audit
    review of internal processes and related policies, instructions, contracts in use, related documents, from the compliance of employment documents, personnel, labour law, data protection, to archiving.

  • Process development
    Proposing simple, legal changes, more efficient operating conditions, active involvement in implementation, follow-up.

  • Providing expertise and consultation on operational work and on inspections by the authorities.


By using part or all of the service;

  • We make concrete proposals on how and what to correct professionally and quickly

  • We can ensure that work processes and records comply with current laws, regulations and rules

  • Labour penalties can be avoided.


Our professional background:

  • nearly 5 years of experience as labour inspectors,

  • 7 years as a social security inspector, and 

  • more than 30 years of HR management.

Wage market data reporting

Get Work's labour market survey is updated monthly to ensure that you, as an HR professional or manager of a company, always have access to the latest labour market data. It is important to us that you receive accurate and reliable information on current wage market trends and measures at any given moment.

To access our wage market surveys, please contact our sales colleagues.

III. Outsourcing


Contract work 

The biggest challenge for manufacturing companies is labour shortages, which in many cases are addressed by our services, developed in partnership with major market players, including our newest business line - contract labour and contract manufacturing. Our range of services has thus become comprehensive, serving all human resources and manufacturing needs.

Our active presence in the market has allowed us to get to know several major domestic manufacturing and production companies, the technologies they use and the needs that arise from the ever-changing labour market.


In the beginning, the solution for producers was temporary agency work, but as our cooperation has grown, production is now carried out on our own premises in the form of outsourced contract manufacturing.

Contract manufacturing allows our partners to outsource parts of their existing production processes. The use of contract manufacturing improves cost efficiency and can also be an ideal solution for dealing with permanent or temporary overcapacities and shortages.

  • We carry out the task entrusted to us by fully understanding the production processes, mastering the tasks and complying with the quality and quantity criteria.

  • Thanks to our professional experience and our technical equipment, we can also manufacture finished products, even from the raw material processing stage.

  • Our complete service includes quality control, packaging of the finished product and logistics services, according to the customer's requirements and under our own brand name.

  • Our expert staff can help you to improve and develop your processes, working together to find new solutions and increase production efficiency.

Rehabilitation employment

Our company has been an accredited employer in the labour market for several years. During this time, we have gained extensive experience in recruiting, mentoring and reintegrating people with reduced working capacity into the open labour market.

Munkaerő kölcsönzés és közvetítés, álláshirdetés - Referenciák

,,We are extremely satisfied with the service. You are able to fulfil customer requests in a very short time. Communication between us works perfectly.
And thank you for your kind, helpful and flexible attitude.
I hope we will continue to have a similarly smooth and flexible cooperation in the future.

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