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Awarded the Best HR Solutions

Erste Bank and Get Work Trend Kft. - DokiLab Kft. duo won the main prize in the Futureproof Organizations category, which was announced for the third time by Microsoft Hungary, at the HR Best competition showcasing the best HR solutions in the country. At Erste Bank, the HR processes were acknowledged, while at Get Work Trend - DokiLab, the innovative solutions for digitizing employee healthcare were awarded.

Nearly every application submitted to one of the country's most prestigious HR competitions relies heavily on digital technology, but innovation seeking solutions to future challenges mostly characterized the applications in the Futureproof Organizations category. Digital solutions that transcend geographical distances, easily integrate into employees' daily lives and leaders' tight schedules, increasingly employing artificial intelligence and data-driven approaches, are becoming more common in workplaces. Meanwhile, these solutions continue to stimulate HR professionals with new ideas.

The aim of the award, announced for the third time by Microsoft Hungary, is to showcase good practices that combine technology and human cooperation to the professional public. The title of Futureproof Organizations can be won by companies that, by leading in digital transformation, ensure their "future readiness". This can be realized at the level of IT/Technology, organizational and operational frameworks, business models, data-driven decision-making, development of necessary skills, and the establishment of an agile organizational culture. Contestants can present their nominated projects using storytelling tools, but it's also expected that they can show measurable results related to the introduced innovations. The most important evaluation criteria include the use of digital tools, sustainability, innovation, harnessing synergies, employee involvement, and data-driven decision-making.

Among the applications submitted to the Futureproof Organizations category, the collaboration between Erste Bank and Get Work Trend-DokiLab received a gold award, while the CHEQ & Orbico collaboration received a bronze certification.

The Hungarian-owned company specializing in labor leasing, Get Work Trend Kft., and its associated DokiLab Kft., developed an application (DokiApp) that allows employees to consult with their doctors without needing to go to the doctor's office. Previously, many took days off to visit their doctor, but since "Doki" was introduced, this is much less common. Additionally, they receive almost instant responses to health-related questions. Since the introduction of DokiApp, the number of leave requests due to medical consultations has decreased by 80% in the company.

Erste Bank employed a robot to streamline HR processes and eliminate paper-based processing. Since switching to digital administration and using electronic signatures, they were able to replace paper equivalent to the weight of several thousand trees and save enough water in a year to match three months of water consumption for a four-member family.

Another finalist, Artúr, the "indefatigable" Teams assistant, became a particularly popular avatar and chatbot among the CHEQ wholesale chemical company's employees. It made HR administration (such as payroll), the employee referral program, the onboarding process, corporate prize draws, and internal communication more efficient, while also making them more entertaining and experiential for employees. The tool helped to better utilize the opportunities in Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams.

"Digitization has already penetrated every aspect of life, including HR processes: this is no longer the future, but the present. This year's Futureproof Organizations applications prove that digital transformation creates new values in workplaces, virtually revolutionizing training, internal communication, and HR program implementation. It's good to see that professionals view digital solutions not only as tools for increasing efficiency but also as an opportunity to make operations more sustainable and increase employee satisfaction," said Boglárka Szentpétery, HR Director of Microsoft Hungary.

The primary goal of the HR Best competition is to provide an opportunity to introduce and recognize the best HR practices, allowing professionals to learn from each other's ideas and experiences to improve their own routines and processes. The competition is announced every year, and nominations for the HR Best awards can be submitted again this year.



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