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Our business solutions for employers

We aim to provide all our services to the same quality standards, with a dedicated Client Contact. Our recruitment services are designed to ensure that every company, regardless of size, can find the right service for its current needs.

The changing business environment requires new solutions, so in addition to the classic recruitment and placement services, we have launched our advertising and pre-screening services.

As the only agency in the domestic agency market, we cover all your recruitment needs with complete one-stop service and dedicated Account Managers.

Teljeskörű szolgáltatás munkaadóknak; munkaerő kölcsönzés és munkaerő közvetítés

Comprehensive - 360 degrees service portfolio

Több mint 15 éves tapasztalat a munkaerő kölcsönzés és munkaerő közvetítés terén

15< years of experience

Munkaerő kölcsönzés és munkaerő közvetítés Magyarországon és külföldön is

National coverage

Stabil partner a munkaerő kölcsönzés és munkaerő közvetítésben

Secure financial background

Szakértő a munkaerő kölcsönzés és munkaerő közvetítésben

Expert team

Dedikált ügyfélkapcsolattartó a munkaerő kölcsönzés és munkaerő közvetítésben

Dedicated account managers


I. Recruitment & staffing  

   360° full recruitment and HR services

360fokos ábra_angol.png

GetScreen - pre-screening service

  • pre-screen up to 200 CVs based on 5 hard skills

  • 3 question clarifying telephone interview

GetPerm - recruitment agency

  • success fee service with guarantee

  • specialised consultants

  • both blue-collar and white-collar areas

  • from entry level to senior management

Our company has achieved considerable success in the field of expert and executive recruitment in recent years. This has been ensured by, among other things, our specialised consultants and our own database of thousands of people, which is constantly updated. Typically, we specialise in more specialised, complex profile searches. We are proud of our achievements in these areas: 

Engineering and IT 
Procurement and Logistics
Back office and assistance
Banking and finance 
Sales and marketing 
Blue-collar labour (skilled and specialist work)


  • Within no more than 2 weeks, we will provide a candidate according to the first profile.

  • Close professional cooperation, understanding.

  • Market segment mapping, identification of competitors, potential candidates.

  • Proactive search techniques

  • Consultative presence at the client interview. 

  • Provision of up-to-date salary market information free of charge.



With our specialist team of consultants, we guarantee the durability of our expert and executive search services. If the employment of the recruited candidate is terminated, we will continue to recruit new candidates free of charge for the period of time agreed between you and us from the date of recruitment until the end of the period, in accordance with the original job description.


  • Skilled selection specialists, strong sourcing support

  • Continuous mapping of labour market conditions 

  • Proactive recruitment methods

  • External and internal database screening

  • Direct search methods

  • Continuous reporting

    • The dedicated consultant sends a weekly report to the Client

  • Professional interviews conducted by specialised consultants

    • Focusing on the candidate's experience and achievements relevant to the search.

  • Presenting a small number of candidates that fit the profile only

  • Application material

    • Candidates are presented in the form of an application file detailing their experience and professional achievements relevant to the search.

  • Provision of contact details

    • Arranging personal interviews between the Client and the candidate, if required.

  • Participation in client interviews


Get Work Trend Kft. is proud of its nationwide office network, which can provide effective assistance during a recruitment process. Our offices are staffed by skilled professionals who facilitate employee mobility, offering the opportunity for candidates to relocate to other parts of the country, either temporarily or on a longer-term basis, in exchange for a better job or simply a job opportunity. With the right work incentives (rent subsidies, resettlement allowances, company rent, etc.), the number of candidates can be multiplied by the national coverage, or, if the offer is attractive, the potential candidates working abroad can be attracted to return home.

GetTemp - temporary employment

  • flexible employment:

    • From 1 day up to 5 years

    • From 1 person up to 500+ persons

  • complete labour administration

  • try&hire option

Our main activity is temporary agency work, both for white-collar and blue-collar jobs. Our partners include several large multinational companies. Temporary agency work is an atypical form of atypical employment with three poles (Agency- Employer, Borrower - Employer and Temporary worker- Employee), which means a cooperation whereby a single contract of engagement and a single employment contract allow us to place the workers we recruit with the Borrower.

But for us, temporary agency work means more than that:


  1.  Placing an order

    • Send us a written order with the exact number of people required and your expectations. 

  2. Pre-screening

    • Pre-screening of candidates based on the order sent by the borrower.

    • Completion of job-related tests with the candidate, in some cases specific tests as requested by the service provider.

    • Conducting telephone/face-to-face interviews with candidates.

  3. Interviews

    • After the pre-screening, the project manager forwards the material of the suitable candidates to the HR officer, professional manager.

    • Scheduling of personal interviews with candidates at the borrower's premises.

  4. Selection

    • Following the interview, the professional managers of the borrowing company indicate whether they wish to employ the candidate and, if so, under what conditions.

  5. Offer

    • Once approved, an offer is made to the selected candidates by telephone and in writing.

  6. Onboarding administration

    • Organisation of a medical fitness test.

    • Carrying out employment administration, contracting, registration.

    • Obtaining a certificate of good character on special request 

    • Sending details of admissions to the contact person of the borrowing company. 

  7. Employment

    • Payroll

    • Payment of salaries

    • Issue of salary slip

    • Cafeteria order/distribution

    • Daily contacts

    • Customer service by phone/in person

  8. Off-boarding administration

    • Terminating the temporary employment of employees at the request of the borrower, handling off-boarding.

  9. Conducting exit/off- boarding interviews

  10. Preparation of statistics, statements

  11. Monthly HR Controlling report on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined by the Borrower partner.

GetYouth powered by GWISZ - student employment

  • cost-effective

  • both blue-collar and white-collar labour

  • full administration

Our aim is to provide atypical employment solutions to meet the temporary or long-term staffing needs of our partners, while complying with the law.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to meet temporary labour needs and to provide jobs for generations entering the labour market, then cooperative employment is the best option. 

Since 2017, we have had our own school cooperative with a database of thousands of registered students. 

Our strength is our focus on creating stable, ongoing employment opportunities, accurate administration and the timely payment of wages.


to provide full-time students in secondary school, college and university with a variety of job opportunities and a decent source of income, and to help them achieve their future career plans;

and to provide employers with a source of labour to meet their staffing needs quickly, flexibly and at low cost.

The benefits of student work for employing companies:

The selection process is carried out by the school cooperative, from the placing of the advertisements to the interviews, with all the associated administration and costs.

Temporary or part-time assignments are possible, without the need for permanent employment. Salaries are paid on a pro rata basis of hours worked.

Employer's rights are exercised by the School Co-operative, so the employer may be exempted from, among other things:

 - the difficulty of replacing workers who are unable to work/sick
- the burden of planning/re-planning leave
- the constant administration and worry about whether the employee will be a good fit, because if they are not satisfied, they can simply ask for a replacement, another student to do the job.

Students who are reliable and precise in their work can contribute to more efficient production through their dynamism, enthusiasm and quick learning.

The wage costs of enterprises/companies can be significantly reduced as they do not have to pay social contribution tax, no compulsory social security, health insurance, labour market contributions.

The school cooperative employment process:

  1. The student workforce required by the Partner will be provided through a number of recruitment channels.

  2. The CVs of the candidates found suitable according to the requirements of the assignment will be forwarded to our Client with a brief description, and a personal interview will be arranged if necessary.

  3. Performing administrative tasks:

    • Obtaining the necessary data, declarations, documents and medical certificates for the legal employment of student workers;

    • electronic contracting;

    • registration with the National Tax Administration (NAV).

  4. Preparation and submission of the attendance sheet form to the partner company.

  5. Preparation of the monthly accounts for the month in question on the basis of the attendance sheet, arrangements for the payment of wages.

  6. Maintaining constant contact with the Client and the parties involved in the process through our contracted consultants.


Why employ students through a school cooperative?

ábra_felnőtt és diák munáltatói ktg összehasonlítás_minimálbér esetén_angol.png

Get Back powered by GWKSZ - maternity employment
during materinty leave (GYED/GYES)

  • a cost-effective solution

  • blue-collar and white-collar work

  • full administration

The maternity cooperative, i.e. the "Cooperative of People with Young Children at Home" will/may start operating on the basis of the law that will enter into force on 01.07.2021.

"A cooperative of people with young children at home is a special cooperative whose aim is to promote the material, social and cultural situation of people who are not grandparents and who receive childcare allowance or childcare assistance, by providing an opportunity for members to participate or re-participate in employment and to belong to the community within a flexible framework."


We, the GET WORK Maternity Co-operative, want to provide registered members with a legal and safe framework whereby they can

  • find a job that suits their needs and ideas, either full or part-time, and

  • can supplement their income with the earnings they receive for this work, but

  • last but not least, we provide them an opportunity and assistance to return to the labour market.



  • we provide flexible working arrangements outside the home, compatible with childcare, up to 1-2 days a week.


Another advantage for them is that

  • the cooperative;

    • helps moms find the right job

    • saves time - makes it easier to find a job

    • represents the interests and protects the rights of mothers

  • they can also work through another employer/co-operative (they just have to report it to the full-time employer)

  • instead of an employment contract, a kind of engagement contract is created, with simple conditions that can be fulfilled

  • we enable experience transfer among mothers along knowledge development and education principles.


From the point of view of the COMPANIES / EMPLOYERS;

Efficient workforce management, work organisation


  • No need for a new full-time colleague for a job requiring several years of professional experience

  • The cooperative handles recruitment and selection - freeing up capacity within the company

  • Immediate solution to labour needs, without the associated administration


Cost savings

  • Accounting for hours actually worked

  • No sick pay, holiday pay

  • No notice period, no severance pay


Simple administration

  • The cooperative as a service provider bears the burden of handling the payroll and paying the remuneration

  • The total service fee is entered in the accounts as one cost account


The process of maternity co-operative employment:

  1. We provide the workforce required by the Partner using a variety of recruitment channels.

  2. CVs of candidates who meet the requirements of the posting, with a brief profile will be forwarded to our Client and, if necessary, a personal interview will be arranged.

  3. Performance of administrative tasks:

    • requesting of data, declarations, documents and medical certificates required for lawful employment;

    • electronic contracting;

    • reporting to the tax office (NAV).

  4. Preparation and submission of the attendance sheet to the Partner company.

  5. Preparation of the monthly accounts based on the attendance sheet, and arrangements for the payment of wages.

  6. Continuous communication with the Client and the stakeholders in the process through our appointed consultants.

​​II.  HR services



The main advantage of our outsourced payroll service is that instead of employing a team of payroll staff, you can be guaranteed compliance with the current labour and social security legislation with one contact person, reducing your costs and giving you peace of mind.


  • Full payroll services

  • Labour and social security administration

  • Employee on-boarding and off-boarding

  • Tax liability registration

  • Labour records management

  • Liaison with official bodies

  • Social security paying agent duties

  • Preparing monthly transfer lists

  • Preparing reports and statistics tailored to the needs of our clients

Employment law advice


Creating and maintaining the legal operating conditions for companies and businesses in an ever-changing environment is a priority.

Based on our knowledge of labour law, social security and tax legislation and regulations, we help our partners to apply them in practice in their everyday life.

Main areas of expertise;

  • Labour audit
    review of internal processes and related policies, instructions, contracts in use, related documents, from the compliance of employment documents, personnel, labour law, data protection, to archiving.

  • Process development
    Proposing simple, legal changes, more efficient operating conditions, active involvement in implementation, follow-up.

  • Providing expertise and consultation on operational work and on inspections by the authorities.


By using part or all of the service;

  • We make concrete proposals on how and what to correct professionally and quickly

  • We can ensure that work processes and records comply with current laws, regulations and rules

  • Labour penalties can be avoided.


Our professional background:

  • nearly 5 years of experience as labour inspectors,

  • 7 years as a social security inspector, and 

  • more than 30 years of HR management.


Wage market data reporting

Get Work's labour market survey is updated monthly to ensure that you, as an HR professional or manager of a company, always have access to the latest labour market data. It is important to us that you receive accurate and reliable information on current wage market trends and measures at any given moment.
To access our wage market surveys, please contact our sales colleagues.



Contract work 

The biggest challenge for manufacturing companies is labour shortages, which in many cases are addressed by our services, developed in partnership with major market players, including our newest business line - contract labour and contract manufacturing. Our range of services has thus become comprehensive, serving all human resources and manufacturing needs.


Our active presence in the market has allowed us to get to know several major domestic manufacturing and production companies, the technologies they use and the needs that arise from the ever-changing labour market.


In the beginning, the solution for producers was temporary agency work, but as our cooperation has grown, production is now carried out on our own premises in the form of outsourced contract manufacturing.

Contract manufacturing allows our partners to outsource parts of their existing production processes. The use of contract manufacturing improves cost efficiency and can also be an ideal solution for dealing with permanent or temporary overcapacities and shortages.

  • We carry out the task entrusted to us by fully understanding the production processes, mastering the tasks and complying with the quality and quantity criteria.

  • Thanks to our professional experience and our technical equipment, we can also manufacture finished products, even from the raw material processing stage.

  • Our complete service includes quality control, packaging of the finished product and logistics services, according to the customer's requirements and under our own brand name.

  • Our expert staff can help you to improve and develop your processes, working together to find new solutions and increase production efficiency.

Rehabilitation employment

  • Our company has been an accredited employer in the labour market for several years. During this time, we have gained extensive experience in recruiting, mentoring and reintegrating people with reduced working capacity into the open labour market.

As part of our placement of workers with reduced working capacity service, we can support our partners in:

  • Analysis of existing jobs.

  • Proposals for jobs that can be filled by workers with reduced working capacity, and for the adaptation of existing jobs.

  • Finding and integrating suitable workers (even in a try-and-hire scheme - within the framework of our temporary employment service).

  • Ongoing support and mentoring.

  • Sensitising other workers, increasing their receptiveness.

Kapcsolat - Munkaerő kölcsönzés és közvetítés, bérszámfejtés - teljeskörű szolgáltatás munkaadóknak


László Fekécs - sales director

laszlo.fekecs{kukac}getwork{pont}hu  |  Tel: +36 20/485-9617


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