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Munkaerő-kölcsönzés és közvetítés közötti különbségek, információk

Differences between temporary work and placement, information

If you didn't know the difference between temporary agency work and placement, here's some useful information!


Temporary work agency:

It is important to know that temporary agency work is currently one of the most efficient forms of labour management. In the first place, a company hires an HR service company that is already experienced in temporary staffing and can provide a quality service. In such a case, the recruitment and all administrative and financial tasks related to staffing are carried out by the HR service company. The employer's obligation is carried out by the HR service company, the company only provides the job to the employee. From the company's point of view and from the employee's point of view, this form of employment has a number of advantages.



  • In addition to the workers, temporary agency work is also a good business for the borrower, because it offers flexible and competitive employment solutions that they would not be able to offer on their own.

  • Temporary employment agencies are interested in keeping their customers happy and employing temporary workers for as long as possible. It is therefore important to select the right candidates with maximum professionalism and due diligence.

  • In many cases, companies do not have the capacity, systems and labour market knowledge to find the right employees. Therefore, they are either unable to achieve results at all or at very high cost.

  • Temporary agency work takes the burden of recruitment, selection, payroll and other administrative tasks completely off the company's shoulders.


Placement of workers:

The employment relationship is established directly between the employer and the employee and is not dependent on the HR service/employment agency. The HR service company is only responsible for recruitment and selection tasks. The aim is to find the right candidate for your Partner. Thus, the employer of the recruited candidate will be directly the partner/company of the Hr service provider.



  • We take on the financial and administrative burden of the entire recruitment and selection process

  • We will be in contact with the active candidates

  • We are able to identify candidates with specific skills, with a dedicated team of consultants

  • We constantly monitor and follow labour market trends and inform our clients in a timely manner

  • As a recruitment agency, we are interested in finding the perfect candidate and referring them to our client, but we also offer a guarantee for our candidates.

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