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Get Work Trend Executes Capacity Multiplication

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

One of the significant players in the domestic labor leasing market, Get Work Trend, started the year by strengthening its intermediary business segment, with the first step being the acquisition of Talentify. We interviewed Ákos Jáhny, the Strategic Director of Get Work Trend, about the changes.

"We decided to acquire the company because, considering the current labor market situation in Hungary, Europe, and globally, we wanted to quickly and effectively enter multiple areas simultaneously with our labor mediation and headhunting services," said Ákos Jáhny.

From Talentify, which has had several successful collaborations both in the Eastern and Western directions recently, a team of 6+1 members joined, representing significant expertise and know-how. "We anticipate a strong professional knowledge growth through knowledge exchange, which will kickstart substantial work. By the way, the leader of this business segment is the former CEO of Talentify."

According to their own admission, the intermediary business segment so far belonged to the category of "still growing," which means they could only satisfy the needs of their existing partners. The old team of a few people was mainly active in areas like manufacturing, production, and back-office, but now the blind spots, such as IT or the SSC sector, are opening up. This way, they can strengthen themselves and manage a much more comprehensive client portfolio.

The team, which has expanded to 10 members – consisting of experienced headhunters, recruiters, and other HR professionals – assists in Western European searches. This means they can provide workforce not only from Hungary but also from anywhere in the world. The main focus is on Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, as well as the Arab countries, Gulf states, the Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

GET WORK TREND sends a message to inactive clients who, due to capacity shortages, couldn't receive support before: "We're here, waiting for your applications."

The range has also expanded for job seekers.

Until now, for those seeking jobs in sectors not managed by Get Work Trend, the company couldn't offer positions. However, now they have partners in almost every economic sector, leading to a broader spectrum of job offerings.

"Of course, the main profile remains labor leasing, but we want to strengthen the new branch, make the revenue ratio even more significant," added Ákos Jáhny, the Strategic Director.

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